Hi! I'm Chloe

I'm a fully qualified personal trainer with 5 years experience working in the fitness industry.

I studied a degree in Dance & Fitness at Buckinghamshire University.

I love road cycling, strength training and flexibility work.

Personal Training

1-1 personal training sessions offer the chance for you to achieve your ultimate goals with close attention paid to your technique and ability.

£25 per session (one hour)

£225 for 10 sessions

Group Training

Get together with your friends/family/partner for a group training session. Let me know your goals and I shall adapt a session with your needs in mind.

£10 per person per session (3 or more people)

Nottingham Based

I'm based in South Nottingham and I'm happy to travel to your house or preferred location for your session (travelling costs may apply).

Feel free to invite your friends along for a group session if you've got the space.

Prices are based per person per session. Discount applies for larger sessions.

On your terms

Different people prefer different training methods. I have a wide range of skills and experience working with different levels of abilities - I'm happy to cater to your requirements. If you have any special requests or concerns please email me.

Get in Touch

For any queries or to book a session please email me: